MG Motors halt car production at Longbridge

MG Motors Chinese owner SAIC, has announced it is ending car production at the firms’ Longbridge plant in the West Midlands.

The manufacturer resumed production at the ex-MG Rover factory in 2011, assembling the MG6 and later MG3.

Although most of the production work was already carried out in China, the cars were assembled at Longbridge and sold with the legendary MG badge.

But now, MG’s owners says the historic plant would “no longer be required”, with the cars produced entirely in China.


The firm says it only expects to make around 25 redundancies, while jobs in sales, marketing and after-sales will remain unaffected.

The MG brand has struggled in the UK since production restarted under Chinese ownership in 2011.

The company has registered just 2,300 vehicles so far this year – an increase of 350 compared to the same time in 2015, but a long way behind other mainstream manufacturers.

It’s hoping the launch of its new MG GS SUV will help boost sales, while the poor-selling MG6 was recently dropped from the range.

More than 400 designers,  engineers and other staff at the Longbridge SAIC Motor Technical Centre (SMTC) are not affected, the firm says.


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